In today’s world; we encounter changing values and evolving societal views. People accept their pure-selves so get more confident, more self-respected. Thus, at the present time, rights of individuals and respect the differences which we have inherited or chosen to adopt; are top priorities. This view pushed everyone in the society and especially the companies and firms that recruit people and provide environments which several people from different backgrounds interact with each other. This became a responsibility which concerns everyone and especially the Law firms carries this responsibility even more because the values and principles which universal law enshrines put law firms in a position to accept all differences and treat each person equally and not to discriminate.

As KN & Partners, we believe that every diverse color takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal and we adopt every diversity first at our home. The firms vision is rooted in a world view which value every human being for just being the persons who they are. Moreover, KN & Partners does not just respect those rights but believes that it is crucial to encourage differences. KN & Partners believes that race, gender, age or any other difference between people are not genuine. The firm, has chosen the path of the combination of all the colors of rainbow. It puts freedom of life and freedom of ideas always at the top.

Through this sense; KN & Partners pursues these aims both internally and externally. The firm and especially the Partners are dedicated to help people who are in need of support and tries to give them a voice. In this regard, KN & Partners support many Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities. The firm also tries to ease these organisations ways by resolving their disputes and legally representing them.

Besides, it is our principal concern to protect diversity from the recruitment process to the order of work place. We support the diversities of our employees and we are proud of them. As a result, we have reached a priceless harmony inside our work place which consist of young and dynamic partners and associates. We are trying to create an environment which would make our employees comfortable regardless of their sex, sexual oreintation, race, nationality, disabilities and etc. In this direction, our promotion policy offers equal oppurtunities to all employees. Moreover, we are proud to state that a majority of our employees are women.

Further, It is noteworthy to remind the motto of KN & Partners: “All together to the farthest”. The firm, is proud of the inclusive nature of the phrase “all together” because it symbolizes the core vision of KN & Partners which is to accept everyone with their differences.

Social responsibility is an indispensable value for KN & Partners and, diversity is a unique oppurtunity for a firm to see the future and create solutions. Making this oppurtunity an advantage and not turning it into a disadvantage should be one of the principle goals. It is our biggest desire to help any organizations which can servet his purpose.