Real Estate and Construction

Real estate is a field which has been growing very fast in Turkey. KN & Partners provides legal services in this field. KN & Partners provides consultancy and litigation services; audits and follows adminstrative processes like expropriation, construction permission and assists its clients. KN & Partners supports its large and mid-size clients by helping them with legal reviews, plans, credits, financial operations and many more fields which has relevance to real estate law.

Some of the services provided by KN & Partners are as following:

  • Land registration and cancellation procedures
  • Land cancellation and registration cases
  • Condominium law
  • Remuneration lawsuit
  • Case for dissolution of partnership
  • Acquisition of property by foreigners
  • Real estate financing project
  • Determining the legal status of the immovable
  • Renting, purchasing, participating in tenders and monitoring all processes of treasury lands
  • Establishment of real rights on the immovable
  • Expropriation and confiscation cases
  • Litigation and enforcement concerning rental contracts.