About Us

Küçükislamoğlu|Narin & Partners is one of the leading law firms which has more than 80 colleagues who are one by one experts on different practice areas of law. KN & Partners, is one of the outstanding law firms which has partner offices in 28 countries and has proven itself significantly in many National and International Ranking Lists of Rating Agencies.

As of 2019, KN & Partners, which has taken over the flag from Nesil Law Group with 10 years of experience, continues on its way much stronger. KN & Partners services through its dynamic and experienced team who has been working on the law practice areas containing finance, accounting and audit, and has reached a numerous local and international companies- clients in a short time. In total, KN & Partners provide services to its clients with more than 30 employees gathered under one roof.

In 2018, KN & Partners was deemed worthy of “Most Innovative and Global Law Firm Award” by Global Legal Matters. The Founder and Global Managing Partner Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu was nominated from Turkey to the be in the list of Who’s Who Legal (WWL). In 2019, he was awarded the “Most Valuable Contracts Law Attorney” by Leaders In Law. The other partner of KN & Partners, Ibrahim Can Narin, has recieved “Most Valuable Personal Data Protection Attorney” by Leaders In Law.

In 2021, KN & Partners has ranked in Top Tier, The LEGAL 500.

KN & Partners, has established based on the motto "All together, to the farthest", and still continues its researches and studies regarding its Innovative ideas and passion which has adorned with productivity and established its service understanding on these basic principles.

In order to be much more stronger together



On my professional path I started in 2010, I encountered with countless ideas in order to reach my aim and more importantly continue in a certain standard. First of all, I would like to thank all my teammates and clients, especially my family, for their contributions.

The increasing number of lawyers in our country has once again reminded us of the significance of globalization in our profession. The world which at the present time develops and changes quite fast, brings new legal systems and self-improvement. Being aware of this, without compromising your principles; however at the same time, by choosing an innovative business approach; you can adapt yourself to this new world. This is my priority and main principle: being open to innovations and spreading diversity which I have been trying to perform in years and surely continue to conduct as a founder.

Currently, KN & Partners continues to push the limits with a team of more than 30 people so as to achieve success in countless projects without the concept of time. All the awards that we and I have been deemed worthy, are our common achievements of this beautiful team. What makes us who we are; is our innovative spirit and team consciousness.

It is pretty exciting to know that you are following us in our new goals that we have set for ourselves as KN & Partners.

Thanks to all of you…