Establishment of Holding Companies and Family Business Consultancy

Family businesses gaining commercial importance especially in our country have started to gain legal importance as the first generation family members transfer the companies to the next generations. Institutionalization for the relevant process and the legal compliance of the steps to be taken in this area are also among the points to be considered. While building this institutionalization, the value of the basic principles adopted in the establishment of the existing family business are not ignored by KN & Partners and this new corporate structure is based entirely on the basic principles of the family business. The process of drafting a family constitution, which will be arranged in this process, is meticulously dependent on carrying sophisticated social-legal thinking competence. It is priceless for KN & Partners to see that the family businesses that it has given numerous counseling to carry out this process smooth, have grown in a corporate structure currently.

Some of the services provided by KN & Partners are as following:

  • Holding Setup
  • Audit and Compliance Processes
  • General Assemblies and Boards of Directors
  • Creation of a Family Constitution
  • Arrangement of family membership and company partnership relations
  • Resolving work-related or non-work-related disputes between family members