Personal Data Protection and Security

The partners and employees who have comprehensive knowledge on the Turkish Personal Data Protection legislation developing in parallel with the EU regulations and follow all kinds of developments and amendments instantly, have carried out nearly 50 projects and still carrying more projects. KN & Partners, together with the Personal Data Protection Law team, is one of the leading law firms of this area in Turkey. KN & Partners and the team follow the changes made in this field and the decisions of the board, including EU legislation, and share them with their clients and carry out the necessary arrangements. Because that this area requires a multidisciplinary approach, KN & Partners deals with each project on multiple sides with its expert partners, consultants and lawyers in many fields. Through its partner DRT, KN & Partners can continuously monitor international information and data security through its partner offices located in 28 countries of the world, and manage the compliance of international operations to data security.

The services provided by KN & Partners can be listed as follows:

  • Compliance Projects
  • Drafting data inventory
  • Legal risk analysis study and risk report
  • Document support service
  • Internal monitoring and audits
  • Data protection and security trainings
  • Investigations and researches in the field of data
  • Cookie policies, enlightenment policy, consent suggestions received on the website and application interfaces, explicit consent text, amending agreements and drafting commitment agreements
  • Employee audits and data protection measures for employees