Corporate & Commercial Law

KN & Partners provides services to its clients in all areas of corporate law with its dynamic partners and team. This field includes structuring local and multinational companies in the country where they will operate; following all kinds of processes related to establishment of company and further; issuance of documents and process management; merger, acquisition, conversion and division of the companies including permission processes. KN & Partners has been active in these fields for so many years and the experience it accumulated helps it to run the processes fast and with success.

Other main services provided by KN & Partners in this field are as follows:

  • Drafting internal regulations and policies and putting such into force
  • Providing trainings within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, performing compliance processes, performing periodic audits, making amendments to the articles of association
  • Carrying out the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly processes; drafting and supervising resolutions on internal directives, representation and binding, board of directors and other committee resolutions
  • Make agreements comply with the Turkish Commercial Code
  • Consultancy on the responsibilities of shareholders and managers
  • Drafting family constitution, shareholder agreements and providing consultancy
  • Merger, acquisition, conversion, division and restructuring
  • Consultancy on the transfer of a commercial enterprise, and put a pledge over a commercial enterprise
  • Establishing joint ventures and managing negotiation and agreement processes
  • Executing preventive law inspections, self-due diligence and taking actions to correct necessary conditions
  • Consultation concerning board meetings