Employment law is principally based on the relationship between the employers and the employees. It is the point we pay attention to as the KN & Partners that the disputes that may arise between the employer and the employee are placed under the legal framework of preventive law. In this scope; from the moment the employee is first hired, KN & Partners is involved in the process by expert lawyers, and therefore, future problems are reduced to the lowest level on the legal framework. KN & Partners also helps its clients to resolve disputes arising out of any field of labor law effectively.

Some of the areas provided service in this field are as follows:

  • Consulting Service
  • The Disputes of Employment Law
  • Reviewing and Amending the Agreements
  • Subjects regarding the Occupational Health and Safety
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Termination of Agreement and analysis of the risks
  • International labor force recruitment consultancy
  • Consultancy on relations with unions
  • Legislation training for employees