Energy and Infrastructure

The KN & Partners provides consultancy to its clients in the basic fields of energy law, particularly in the generation and trade of electricity, infrastructure projects on electricity generation, especially Oil & Petroleum, SES (GES) projects and RESAs (YEKA). KN & Partners provides its clients with attorney and consultancy services at every stage of the related projects, from the tender stage to the agreement negotiations and finalization. It gets involved in the project processes of its clients in line with the necessary funding source expectations and project requirements in terms of acceptance of energy projects.

Some of the services provided by KN & Partners are as following:

  • Customizations
  • Joint ventures
  • Legal processes in energy trading and risk management
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Dealership Agreements
  • Station Contracts
  • Resolution of disputes arising within the scope of energy law Execution of compliance processes with EPDK legislation
  • Representation before administrative authorities and especially EPDK
  • All kinds of cancellation cases against EPDK and other administrative authorities
  • Consultancy in expropriation and privatization processes
  • Preparation of concession agreements
  • Litigation related to license, permit and license
  • Representation before administrative authorities and courts
  • All kinds of annulment cases about energy and infrastructure
  • Consultation on the financing of energy projects