Message From Our Founder

I have met with countless ideas in my professional life which I have started in 2010 and in order to reach my goals and more importantly to sustain a certain standard. I have had the chance to observe the positive outcomes those have created, and the foremost thing which I have been working to ensure and I am sure I will preserve is
being open to innovation and to spread diversity.

The rising number of attorneys in our country reminds us of the importance of catching the era and becoming international in our profession. Self-improvement has become an obligation because the world order changes with every passing day and it brings along new legal systems, hence it is essential to adapt to those changes. It is a basis for us to move further with an innovative work style and without compromising our principles and discipline.

In a similar sense, as changing values and improving social perspectives evolving in our global world, we as KN & Partners prioritize treating each individual equally by accepting everyone as they are and being aware of the importance of individuality, personality and identity. It has always been an essential principle for KN & Partners to embrace diversity and approach every person equally. We are aware of the importance of plurivocality and differences, and we support them.

As we believe that the basis of an establishment is “human”; and the source of sustainability and class is a “team”, we are aware that systems which are built on these ideas always brings success. As KN & Partners team which has exceeded 30 people, we are continuing to work incessantly in order to successfully contribute to countless projects.

All the awards which I have and KN & Partners has been considered worthy of is the creation of our lovely team. What makes us who we are is, our young and dynamic team who possesses an innovative spirit and awareness on what it means to be a team

In this sense, meanwhile we as KN & Partners are achieving our targets with great speed; I would like to once again thank to our precious team who has been working with great devotion and who put into their work not only their knowledge and expertise but also their hearts, and also to our clients who have always helped us move further.


KN & Partners, Founding Partner