Regulatory Compliance and White Collar Crimes

Depending on the legal regulations of the countries, while carrying out trade activities from time to time, especially in cross-border transactions, simple mistakes made by the company executives or employees, may cause criminal and legal sanctions and loss of reputation for the company. KN & Partners organizes compliance programs and trainings with its partners and expert lawyers in order to eliminate this risk on companies, it drafts and revises ethical principles and carries out a series of comprehensive efforts to comply with such regulatory rules. Especially in the international arena, it has recorded its success in this field under the guidance of DRT.

Some of the services provided by KN & Partners are as following:

  • Arrangement and revision of contracts
  • Competition Law Audit and Compliance Process
  • PDPL Audit and Compliance Process
  • Tax Law Audit and Compliance Process
  • Labor Law Audit and Compliance Processes
  • Chamber of Commerce notifications, registrations and announcements
  • Administrative Criminal Cases and their processes