Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

An effective solution is always KN & Partner’s priority in enforcement law, which is the last step of all kinds of disputes. In this sense, it provides solution-oriented consulting services in enforcement and bankruptcy law fields like enforcement of court decisions, trade receivable and debt management, precautionary lien in the collection process, pledge and foreclosure, restructuring receivables and debts, managing bankruptcy and concordat processes including overdue receivables management. As KN & Partners, it has been providing solutions to its clients for many years with its partners and team with numerous case experiences in this regard. Since KN & Partners has an expert team on this, it is able to execute the processes fast and effectively.

Some of the services provided by KN & Partners are as following:


  • Execution and bankruptcy proceedings and related lawsuits
  • Property Evacuation
  • Action for Annulment of Objection and Removal of Objection
  • Liquidation process procedures
  • Bankruptcy & Concordat processes
  • Peace Protocols
  • Investigations on rights and credits