The Crime of Internet Fraud

With the development of technology, there is an increase in fraud methods using information systems. Using information systems fraud known as the crime of internet fraud in colloquially, is a aggravated fraud. According to the Turkish Criminal Law (TCK), fraud is the act of cheating a person with fraudulent behavior and benefiting him / herself or the benefit of himself or others. It is the name given to the situation of fraudulent crimes, more aggravated. Qualified frauds are counted one by one in the law.

One of these is the method that fraud by using information systems. According to the Turkish Criminal Law, the crimes that we call internet fraud are one of the aggravated Fraud methods. If the offense of fraud is committed in accordance with Article 158 / f of the Turkish Criminal Law, the lower limit of the imprisonment not shall be less than two years and the amount of the judicial fine shall not be less than twice the benefit of the offense.

Although the most frequently encountered Internet crimes are listed below, it should be stated that this type of crime can not be limited and it will gradually increase with the developing technology. The most common internet crimes are:

  • Fraud through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking,
  • SMS scams
  • Social Media Fraud
  • Phone Fraud (Requests money by calling out by phone or by claiming to be a police / prosecutor as a police / prosecutor, etc.) and
  • Bank and ATM frauds (seizure of personal information by stating that they have been searched from the bank, or by interception of ATM-devices and account-password information)


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The Crime of Internet Fraud